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Donation - campaign solution for Non-Profit, Just-Cause, Church, and Charity.

Campaign and Donation feature is used for raising any kind of charitable funding online. Merchant users can create a campaign which will be visible to other users inside and as well as outside of the Pay Plantation platform for the merchant user donation needs. The campaign creators can view their donation details, transaction list in the dashboard, more. And able to share the campaign on social media, as well as on their website. Register, create campaign, start raising fund today.

Dornation with PAY Plantation

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PAY Plantation, LLC.

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PAY Plantation, LLC., is an innovative payment facilitator (PayFac), a payment service provider (PSP). Your all-in-one payment gateway, that allows business owners to sign-up for merchant account to accept payment, sell products and services globally using our platform Rest API plugins, payment link, and payment form. Safer way to send money, receive money from friends and family.

PAY Plantation

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